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The Panificio Nazzareno is born as a thanksgiving to my grandfather, who left us this wonderfiul bakery, theather of sacrifices and of wonderful memories at the same time.

From 1982 until 2000 we’ve been committed in baking good bread, and our commitment continues now…

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Since 1988 at Ponte Milvio exists an old bakery with a particular oven stoked with peanut shells. The Panificio Nazzareno is now a workshop of flavors and herbs, which accompanies you from sunrise to late night.

It’s a modern and multifunctional location, a pleasant meeting point where you can enjoy a gourmet break in any moment of the day.

In the morning, you can have your breakfast surrounded by the herbs of hot bread and of freshly baked pizza;

for lunch you can choose between the specialities of the gastronomy and of the restaurant with menu a la carte;

in the afternoon you’ll enjoy your tea or you aperitif;

and at last you can have a wonderful dinner at the restaurant or a drink at the American bar to close day…