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Organic food from “Podere Sassi”

The Nazzareno Bakery boasts the exclusive collaboration with a small organic farm, “PODERE SASSI”. In this small reality we are working on the new vegetable garden so that the vegetables and seasonal fruit can arrive continuously at the bakery, with a real flavor and unique traceability.

The company is organic and has a very pure, decisive approach, aimed at biodynamic agriculture. Pesticides are banned and any other artificial intervention that does not follow our philosophy. It is a path that has just begun and will need care and time but this collaboration will bear fruit and we are sure they will be excellent.

From these soft hills, on the border between high Lazio and Umbria, the DOP SABINA BIOLOGICO EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL arrives now, which you can find on sale at the bread counter and sometimes even at the table, depending on availability and the vintage.

The quality olives Frantoio, Leccino, Carboncella, Moraiolo, Leccio del Corno generate an extra virgin olive oil of superb quality. The squeezing is obviously cold, the crusher is certified organic and the DOP SABINA is synonymous with one of the best Italian oils, an area in which it has been making excellent oil for over 2600 years.

We are also investing in a very interesting wine project, a process that involves the implantation of native vines for the production of an archaic wine, which reflects the “terroir” in which it is born, which is different from a Tuscan wine or a wine from the California, which has its own character and uniqueness.

We will join the Vinnatur association that regulates the working system both in the vineyard and in the cellar to obtain wines without commercial yeast, without additives, unfiltered and uncleared, obtained from grapes free of any type of pesticide. The road is long but this project comes from a strong collaboration, a powerful passion.


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